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Oct 7, 2014

Lynn has in-depth knowledge about skin care and provides professional skin care services. I would recommend her.

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martao, Pittsburg

Oct 30, 2013

I have been going to Ebasc for 20 years off and on. People can't believe I'm almost 40, deep down inside, I know my secret weapon is quality and intelligent skin care that Lynn provides. Stop waiting time and money, go see Lynn at Eastbay skin care clinic.
carmenb, Moraga

Oct 26, 2013

They do a very professional job. My skin feels wonderful after a treatment. Lynn is always on time and knowledgeable about her products. She has helped my skin tremendously.
deysis, Oakland

Oct 4, 2013

Lynn is very knowledgeable and good at facial treatments.

Sep 30, 2013

Great facial! Great people!
amyr, Pleasant Hill

Sep 28, 2013

I have rosacea (and also eczema and very sensitive, dry skin) and when I went to a dermatologist, they just offered me a topical antibiotic. This didn't help me because I don't have acne with my rosacea. I ended up finding Eastbay Skin Care Clinic and went for a consultation. They are extremely thorough, asking about nutrition, sleep, stress and other factors that can effect our skin. They advised me to use fragrance and dye free laundry detergent. They gave me a home care regimen to follow and my skin looked better than it had in a long time. I moved out of the area so I didn't see them for a while and finally went back. I had a facial treatment with LED light therapy and moisturizers, etc to calm my irritated skin. In one treatment, my skin feels more soft and smooth. I bought all the home care products they recommended and my skin has improved so much. I'm happy to be living in this area again so that I can get treatment for my skin from the best!

Aug 24, 2013

Always nice to visit EBAC!
nataliem, Concord

Aug 21, 2013

Eastbay Skin Care Clinic is the best I have ever experienced. The office is Very clean and the surroundings are calm and serene as you would experience in the nicest of day spas. Me and my family have been going there for several years and I just recently brought my young teenager to Lynn and her face is clearing up so quickly. I have been trying to get her to wash her face regularly and as a teenager she does not do it as most teenagers. After seeing Lynn she is using the recommended products daily as instructed, by Lynn off course and not by a parent. and wow, what a difference. Her face is almost cleared up and she feels as beautiful as she is.
Thanks again Ebac.
irist, Concord

Aug 13, 2013

My last visit was excellent and I will recommmend the clinic to my coleagues.
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