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Jan Marini Skin Research
Age Intervention A Subject that Never Gets Old

As women age and hormone levels drop, the skin's sebaceous glands begin to atrophy, contributing to drier skin. In addition, the decline of estrogen results in reduced moisture content, exacerbating the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Numerous other hormone-related changes include thinning of the dermis, thinner and sparser elastin fibers, diminished collagen production and changes in pigment cells.

Jan Marini Skin Research's Age Intervention line of products are based on medical technology designed to target and address female skin changes by recapturing the skin's normal hormonal balance.

The second and most challenging aspect of the skin's aging process is cumulative sun damage. This is comprised of two factors: impaired immune function and inflammatory responses that trigger free-radical activity.

Jan Marini Skin Research has brought together an extraordinary combination of topical agents that can effectively boost the skin's ability to repair damage and prevent certain inflammatory responses. These agents, paired with the hormonal component, have a powerful stimulating effect on the skin and can dramatically improve the appearance of sun-damaged and aging skin.

And, like our hands, our eyes can betray our age. But we're not just talking about skin, now we're referring to eyelashes. As we age, eyelashes tend to lighten, shorten and thin out. We have diminishing hormone levels to thank for this too, because once again, growth factors are inhibited.

Today, we have the Age Intervention product line from Jan Marini Skin Research to address all these areas of concern: Hands, Face and Eyelashes

Age Intervention Hands
It's been said that though her face may be youthful, a woman's hands will give away her age. Years of environmental damage take their toll in the form of textural changes, discoloration and a weathered, dry surface. An intensive combination of ingredients in Age Intervention Hands addresses these issues with acids, lightening agents and anti-inflammatory agents for measurably younger looking hands.

Age Intervention Face
The decline of sex hormones is not an even, linear process, but one of fluctuation that cause internal and external changes that affect the appearance of facial skin. Biologically, it is a natural process that is part of aging. Sebaceous gland shrink causing skin to dry out. And, the decline of estrogen in this context contributes to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Cell turnover and collagen production slows; along with a drop in the fat content of facial skin, the skin itself gets thinner. Pigment cells change and the skin's immune function diminishes. This all exacerbated by a drop in the blood supply to facial skin, so nourishment decreases.

A breakthrough in anti-aging technology, Age Intervention Face addresses these issues by restoring normal hormonal levels, which results in collagen growth, resiliency, improved barrier function and increased moisture content all the youthful attributes which our skin naturally loses as we age.

For almost a decade, now, Jan Marini Skin Research has employed all the "magic bullets" in her products to combat the effects of aging and environment:

  • Ascorbyl palmitate, the fat-soluble vitamin C that lends powerful antioxidant protection to cells from the inside out (a trick regular water-soluble vitamin C can't do);
  • DMAE, Jan Marini calls her proprietary blend "DAE," with muscle and skin toning effects to help reduce sagging skin;
  • Alpha-lipoic acid, for anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties;
  • Additionally, CoQ10, MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl Methane) and Topical Interferon.

Jan Marini has always been at the forefront of anti-aging technology since the beginning of her career. Her early years of skin research with Dr. Nicholas Perricone, are well noted, as she helped pioneer groundbreaking skin research that led to the state-of-the-art skin care products that are available today.

When it comes to anti-aging, Jan Marini is a name you can trust, and this product line is true to it's name.

Now, these products are actually putting pressure on us to eat healthier
so our bodies can keep up with how good we look!


Jan Marini Skin Research Age Intervention Products can be found online and at the clinic:


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