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Anti-Aging Skin Care

Dr. Nicholas Perricone's book,
"The Wrinkle Cure" broke new ground in the science of anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.  At the same time, it confirmed the findings of some of the industry's leading skin care experts, doctors and skin care  "independents."  Not that we didn't believe them in the first place we carry their products but their findings and conclusions have been somewhat of a lone, and sometimes controversial, voice in the business. Now that Dr. Perricone's extensive research has come to light, it validates what they have been saying, and the ingredients they have been putting in their products.
Jan Marini Skin Research and, more recently, CosMedix, are manufacturers who have had products for years containing alpha lipoic acid, dimethylaminoethanol or DMAE (Jan Marini calls it "DAE"), ascorbyl palmitate and/or copper peptides -  the "magic bullets" in skin care today.  Ascorbyl Palmitate has fat solubility to ensure complete anti-oxidant cell protection; Alpha Lipoic Acid, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties; and DMAE with its muscle and skin toning effect to help eliminate sagging skin. Chirally Correct (aka 'Spin Trap') molecules minimize skin irritation and maximize effectiveness.

Now it's easy to find the anti-aging
products containing the "magic bullets" of
skincare today, with our Anti-Aging category

It goes beyond topical solutions to nutrition, diet and lifestyle. Of course, this has always been true, but Anti-Aging has been given new life with these "new" findings, and the products coming out of the research. In addition to the excellent Jan Marini Skin Research and Cosmedix products that we carry, Eastbay Acne & Skin Care Clinic now offers nutritional supplements to aid in the quest for the elusive "Fountain of Youth." Some say that it is now closer than we think. We tend to agree. Meanwhile, check out the "new" products that have been here all along.  We've made it easier by adding an Anti-Aging category to help you identify the new, and old, anti-aging products that come out of the latest research.

Keep your eye on Eastbay Acne & Skincare Clinic, SkinClinic.com and Eastbay Skin Care.  We're excited to bring you this new and important category, the research behind it and the products, both old and new.

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